Coffee Maker Vending Machine


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Coffee Maker Vending Machine

Features and Specifications:

1. Model: GTD203 coin operated hot beverage vending machine
2. Three hot flavors
3. Water reservoir 5L + hot water 1.8L
4. Coin acceptor: one kind or six kinds coin system
5. Suitable ingredients: coffee powder, fruit powder, milk powder, protein shakes etc.
6. Cup dispenser: dual-way, specialize cup size of 6.5oz and 9oz
7. Water supply: bucket on top, connect to tap water, or pump water

Power and voltage 110v. 220v/50-60hz, 1600w
Dimension 315mm(L)*560mm(W)*660mm(H)
Net weight 25kg
Ingredient canisters 3 ingredient canisters with capacity of 1.8kg for each one
Seasoning function The water volume and ingredient amount can be adjusted according to your requirements. through static mixer, it can give you the best taste.
Protecting function Electricity cut off automatically when short curcuit occur. Automatic temperature control system to keep constant temperature and save power.
Cleaning function Automatic flushing and cleaning
Diagnostic function Detect falt and show error code automatically
Counting function Counting the selling cups for every drink selections accurately, convenient for financial management
Exhaust and damp proof function Yes
Automatic voice hint function Yes
Optional accessories base cabinet, water pump

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