Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer X3
Top Coin Bytecoin
Size 125 x 207 x 334mm
Weight 5,5kg
Noise level 76dB
Fan(s) 2
Power 465w
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 0 - 40 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %


Features and Highlights


Bitmain recommends using a power supply that gives 20% more than the miner's power requirement to set up this miner. When the power source's output doesn't match the miner's power requirement, the hash rate reduces. Power over Ethernet (PoE) isn't supported, just like most Antminers. Power over Ethernet is a standard system that passes control and data through twisted-pair Ethernet cables.

This process provides both data connection and electrical power to the device. Only an Ethernet connection is needed to start mining. One notable feature of the X3 is that an internet speed of 1Mbps can support about 150 different devices. For stable mining conditions, the X3 needs an ambient temperature of about 5 - 35 degrees Celsius with a surrounding humidity level below 65%.

The control board is the IP Report button, which shows the IP address on the computer when pressed. There is also the Ethernet port for internet connection, light beams that indicate when fault/error is detected and when the miner is operating normally. In case you want to reset the X3 to factory settings, there is a reset button at the far right.


Power Supply.


For the control board, the device has only one PCI-E connector attached to a 12V power connector. The 6-pin power connectors are all interchangeable. Connect the positive and negative ports of D/C 6-pin connectors to the miner's control and hash board correctly. If they are plugged in wrongly, the Power Supply Unit (PSU) will enter protection mode, and the control and hash board will be burnt. If this happens, it voids the warranty of the product.

For steady mining operations, the X3 should be kept clean and dust-free. Dust accumulation on the hash board can affect the heat discharge of the miner and cause overheating. It is recommended to clean the miner once a month, and the miner must be shut down.




Antminer X3 works with the Cryptonight algorithm, a hashing algorithm used in cryptocurrency mining for specific Proof of Work blockchains. The algorithm has about 32 minable coins, of which Electroneum(ETN), MoneroClassic(XMC), and ByteCoin(BCN) are well known.


Noise Level.


The Antminer X3 has a noise level of 76dB, which is standard as most miners come with a noise level of 60 to 80dB. The X3 is used for mining at home, as the noise level isn't that high. To better understand this, the noise level of 76dB is equivalent to a vacuum cleaner's sounds.




Profitability is essential, if not the only criterion when getting an ASIC miner, as it shows how much you can make in a period. As with all miners, profitability or ROI depends on current market conditions. To accurately calculate the profitability, you should deduct the electricity cost after a day's work. But bear in mind that electricity rates differ based on area.
Before spending money on mining hardware, make sure to calculate everything. Mining is a risky business; it usually requires a significant investment.